About Us

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you’ve arrived?”

Harvest PM was formed to enable organizations to reap the rewards of project management, but it’s concept has earlier roots. Years ago, when our society was more agriculturally based, the goal was to achieve abundance in your crops and then share the rewards with everyone.

Harvest PM takes this concept and extends it into today’s business environment. With a cohesive project management strategy, you will always know where you are going and when you have arrived. Your teams will be more collaborative, more cooperative and more consistent. You can share the rewards with your organization, because everyone will be fully vested and an integral part of where you’re going.


Nathaniel Quintana, Director of Chaos (principal) for Harvest PM, is a certified project management professional who brings close to a decade of portfolio, program and project management plus more than five years of teaching/training experience. With a proven track-record as a leader and project manager, he has consulted and worked in an array of industries such as the United States’ Department of Defense, civil government, aerospace, manufacturing, convention services, call centers and education.


“Nathaniel is an expert at what he does. He's helped me in my business to manage my projects in a much more efficient way. He's helped me break down my large and sometimes seemingly overwhelming projects into smaller easy to manage steps/tasks so I can move forward and accomplish my goals in a timely manner. I would recommend Harvest PM to anyone. I believe he can help everyone in some way whether it's a small project for an already up-and-running business or getting a new business off the ground, or just learning Project Management as a life skill. You can rest assured that Harvest PM will be able to help you handle any task you need to tackle.”
~Sharon DeBard, Creative Director, Big Plan Creative

“Nathaniel has helped me create better objectives to reach my business goals. I also have expanded my goals to attain higher profit margins and improved growth. The project management tools he has shared with and taught me are practical, helpful and motivational. Thanks Nathaniel!”
~Janessa Marsh, Academy of Art




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