Harvest PM’s leader is one of the first 25 people to be certified in OPM3 – organizational project management maturity model – by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This custom approach examines your current ability to complete projects and identifies what you’re good at when it comes to project rollouts. When you understand your maturity level in project execution, this model provides a roadmap for you to make valuable improvements to your business processes. In addition, you will learn the appropriate PM tools and techniques that will enable you to complete projects better, smarter and faster.
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Harvest PM’s engaging training programs are designed around project management principles and processes and customized based upon your organization’s needs. All curriculums are taught by a project management professional certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Topics include:

  • Creative Leadership Development
  • Customer Service Through Dialogue
  • Project Management for the Business Owner
  • Strategic Thinking for the Business Owner
  • Systems Thinking Program

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Today’s world is complex, and everything you can use to get ahead is going to be an advantage. Elite athletes like Tiger Woods and well-known C-suite executives have coaches, because they know that their skills and expertise require cultivation to stay on top of their game. So why doesn’t everyone? If you are interesting in becoming a project management professional, Harvest PM can help guide you on this endeavor. Our programs are targeted to small business owners and new or veteran employees get up to speed quickly on project management.
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Leadership, project management and strategic thinking are just a few of the topics we can present to your employees at your company’s next big event. Presentations that entertain, engage and educate have motivational benefits that empower teams to embrace collaboration and communication.

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