Creative Leadership Development

The Creative Leadership Development (CLD) program is a one-day course designed to transform business owners and leaders in becoming more creative and innovative in their thinking and problem solving. The context of the course is embedded in five core leadership areas; namely,

  1. Becoming more self-aware
  2. Creating organizational awareness through vision and mission
  3. Challenging and changing personal and organizational assumptions
  4. Enhancing team effectiveness and team learning
  5. Thinking in wholes rather than in parts

The course is incredibly robust because it introduces business owners and leaders to brand new ways of thinking! During the program participants will be gently nudged from their respective comfort zones and, in so doing, begin learning new ways of being in the world and seeing their own behaviors in a new light. This is important because solid research in the field tells us that the skills we need going forward are not necessarily the skills we used in the past.

Objectives of the program include:

  1. Seeing initiatives in a brand new light
  2. Utilizing new ways of seeing and thinking about work dynamics
  3. Understanding self from a broader more holistic perspective
  4. Re-igniting and jumpstarting creativity and innovation
  5. Solving chronic business problems so they stay solved
  6. Seeing an organizations future in the present
  7. Shifting from managerial to leadership behaviors

There are many different learning styles and preferences, and the program adapts to all of them. There are large group interactive activities as well as small group work and one-on-ones. These are primarily creative and innovative activities that will have participants challenging their previous ways of problem-solving and leading teams. In terms of the pedagogy of the class, there will be several “lecturettes,” but the focus will be on a wide variety of interactive activities that require the experience and the wisdom in the room to accentuate and enhance the learning.


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