Customer Service Through Dialogue

Customer Service Through Dialogue is a half-day course that explores the role of a team member and associate and how one moves from managing daily tasks to thinking more strategically by communicating directly with customers.

We use dialogue models and systems created by Dr. Peter Senge as well as other practitioners in the field of organizational change. During this workshop participants will be able to define a customer and differentiate between internal and external customers. They will be able to identify good customer service when they see it. They will understand how dialogue builds relationships between the organization and the customer. Managers and supervisors will know how to create employee commitment to good customer service and employees will know why their commitment is critical. Participants will develop abilities to improve interpersonal and team communication skills. Students will be able to list, discuss and demonstrate good speaking and listening skills. The overall benefits of this course are increased revenue by profitable sales and external customer service; and decreased rework, scrap, and mistakes.

Objectives of the course include:

  1. Building strong communication skills to become more customer centric
  2. Understanding how to apply these skills to help organizations become more successful
  3. Knowing a team members role in their organization
  4. Growing organizational benefit through dialogue and teamwork

There are many different learning styles and preferences, and the workshop adapts to all of them. There are large group interactive activities as well as small group work and one-on-ones. These are primarily creative and innovative activities that will have participants challenging their previous ways of problem-solving and leading. In terms of the pedagogy of the class, there will be several “lecturettes,” but the focus will be on a wide variety of interactive activities that require the experience and the wisdom in the room to emphasize and enhance the learning.


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