Project Management for the Business Owner

Project Management for the Business Owner is a one-day course that examines the issues and risks faced when it comes to creating and implementing products or services for the business owner. This seminar will provide business owners with an overview of how to manage these issues as well as provide better practices associated with project management. Project Management is defined as the application of concepts and techniques used to plan, staff, direct, monitor, and evaluate the events and activities needed to accomplish an objective. This course presents an overview of the fundamentals of project management, and a project management method for a business owner to follow. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide®), which is introduced in this course, identifies the main project management knowledge areas. An awareness of these knowledge areas is key to successful planning and execution of any business objective.

Objectives of the course include:

  1. Describing different definitions of a project
  2. Unfolding the business project management lifecycle
  3. Key phases in a project and how to manage each phase
  4. List and explain the knowledge areas related to managing a project
  5. Differentiating between a project and a process

There are many different learning styles and preferences, and the program adapts to all of them. There are large group interactive activities as well as small group work. In terms of the pedagogy of the class, a business case analysis is used as the foundation for all learning and group activities that require the experience and the wisdom in the room to accentuate and enhance the learning.


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