Strategic Thinking for the Business Owner

Strategic Thinking for the Business Owner is a half-day course explores the role of a leader and how one moves from managing daily work to thinking more strategically. We use models created by Dr. Peter Senge as well as other practitioners in the field. During this seminar attendees will learn how serving as a manager will help develop their skill to become a strategic leader. A variety of leadership skills will be discussed and sited to demonstrate how individuals can add to the success of their organizations.

Objectives of the course include:

  1. Building skills to become strategic leaders
  2. Understanding how to apply these skills to help organizations become more successful
  3. Knowing a leader’s role in their organization
  4. Allowing business owners and managers to think more strategically
  5. Linking Strategic Thinking to business execution

There are many different learning styles and preferences, and the program adapts to all of them. There are large group interactive activities as well as small group work and one-on-ones. These are primarily creative and innovative activities that will have participants challenging their previous ways of problem-solving and leading. In terms of the pedagogy of the class, there will be several “lecturettes,” but the focus will be on a wide variety of interactive activities that require the experience and the wisdom in the room to accentuate and enhance the learning.


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